Tower Bridge

Morning Coffee in Shepherd Market

Coffee Time

Coffee, Newspaper & a Fag

Brighton Mods

A Room with Really Good Views

Meals on Wheels

A Slow Day

Le Miroir aux Oiseaux

Une Belle Vue Martiguaise

Sestier de Santo Polo

Sestier de Castello

Richard’s Gallery is an online gallery showcasing images by Richard Dunford.  Until recently all his personal work started as photographs that were then manipulated in one way or another using a little known program called Photoshop or similar.

With the advent of iPad drawing programs however, more illustrations are starting to creep in to his portfolio – still based on his original photographs as his drawing skills are what could be politely termed as limited.

All the images are available to buy as giclée prints in various sizes and some will also be available soon as Greetings Cards.