Buying Info

All giclée prints are printed to order according to your printing instructions.  Because the prints need time for the ink to dry and cure we aim to despatch your order within 3-5 working days.

Larger prints are rolled and despatched in postal tubes.

The intention of this info page is to answer common questions but if you have a specific question or need more detail, please email us via the contact page and we will pleased to help.

Printing Info


Non-photographic images are printed on beautiful Hahnemühle 310gsm German Etching paper which is designed for digital printing and has a wonderful subtle texture.

Most photographic images are printed on Canson Infinity 310gsm Baryta Photographique which produces incredibly rich images with a gentle satin finish.


All images are printed with a border which means that the size you order refers to the paper size (NOT the image size) and the image will be proportionally smaller depending on your choice.

You can choose to have a narrow border and frame the print with a window mount (not supplied), or instead have a wide border with or without an image caption thus giving a white border when placed directly into a frame.  There is no additional cost for any border option and we reserve the right to print as appropriate to the image and paper size.

Also… the image will be centred on the print which means the side borders will be the same size but almost certainly not the same size as the top and bottom ones.  Framing your print with a window mount will allow you to adjust the different border sizes to your heart’s content.

Phew!  Who knew discussing borders could be both so long-winded and yet so riveting?!  Anyway, if you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Acrylic Glazing Info

Just when you thought this Info page couldn’t get any more enthralling here are some fun facts about the qualities of the clear acrylic ‘glass’ that we use in our framed pictures.

  • 100% Recyclable.  Old material is crushed, melted down and re-cast.
  • Lightweight & Strong.  It’s approximately half the weight and many times stronger than glass.
  • Safe.  Unlike glass which breaks into tiny shards, acrylic shatters into larger blunt-edged chunks.
  • Clear.  Acrylic sheets are as transparent as crystal.
  • Ultraviolet barrier.  Acrylic is extremely efficient at stopping UV light therefore protecting the print from fading in sunlight and unlike other plastics it does not yellow over time.


Like glass, acrylic can be scratched but as it is softer than glass it is more susceptible to light abrasions.  When cleaning, gently use a soft microfibre or cotton cloth (NOT a paper towel) and if necessary use warm soapy water sparingly (taking extra care to prevent water from entering inside the picture frame!).  We use a product called VuPlex Plastic Cleaner & Anti-Static Polish which not only cleans but claims to seal the porous surface and so adding a micro layer of protection.  Although our glasses are not strong enough to check this is true it certainly leaves a sparkling finish!


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