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After a long career photographing endless weddings, children and animals, I’m now solely focussing my lens and attention to people approximately my own age which, let us say, is “Not as young as I used to be”.

“I found the photo session with Richard really enjoyable. He was humorous and very professional throughout and the end result is first class.”

– Seamus C,,  Sculptor

Frankly it’s been a joy.  No, “How’s my dress?”, very few pouts or temper tantrums and hardly any, “If I roll over will you tickle my tummy?” (Yes I’m thinking of you, Flynn).

Just very pleasant conversation with a new-found friend while I quietly click away.  Only one constant from the past remains – the old favourite “I hate having my photograph taken!”  It’s good to know some things never change.

Sitting for a portrait with Richard is so comfortable, like chatting with an old friend.  Richard really has the gift of putting his sitters, whether human or feline, at complete ease!

– Clare H. (& Abby),  Artist (Studio Manager)

Several of the photographs below are portraits of Surrey artists who have been kind enough to volunteer their time but also who recognise that their customers value seeing the person and personality behind the art and so may well use their portraits on their social media, websites and marketing material.  Most, (actually all) have chosen not to have a mural printed to display on the side of their studios.

Richard was friendly and professional and put me at my ease whilst photographing me in my studio – not something I’m usually comfortable with.  It was a pleasant and fruitful experience and I was very pleased with the end result.

– Rosalinda K,  Illustrator/Artist

So how about booking me to take your portrait?  A sitting costs £125 and includes small files for you to use for social media etc..  Prints cost extra according to size and are printed by me on the most beautiful satin paper by digital art paper specialist Canson Infinity.  Contact me by email below for more details.

Or how about commissioning a portrait of your mum and dad or grandparents in their own home?  The kids always steal the limelight but how many quality photos do you have of senior management?  And just to be clear, adult individuals and couples are my limit – my days of trying to wedge every last family member into my viewfinder are long gone.

My session with Richard was lovely.  He is friendly and warm and did everything to make the process natural and painless.

– Janis

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